What to do with too many ideas

What to do with too many ideas

I use Trello religiously. For work, sometimes for chores, even for birthdays.

(If you’re wondering what Trello is, it’s pretty much a free post-it note board online – here’s a link. Most of the functioning and respectable adults I know use it, you won’t regret trying it).

It helps keep track of all the things I want to do; the things I’m currently doing; and the things I’ve done.

But there’s one list that’s constantly growing and is always out of hand.



My ideas list has over 30 projects I want to start. I know that some of them will require a lot of time, others could probably be turned around quite quickly, and some I honestly wouldn’t even know where to begin with.

I thought I’d share some techniques I’ve found useful for dealing with idea overload.


Get the idea out of your brain

My brain is a little, tiny box. There’s only so much space in it before it overflows and shit gets lost.

When I have an idea or find inspiration, I make a note of it and put that note somewhere. It might be a post-it or a note on my phone, but usually it ends up on Trello.

It’s important to store the idea somewhere other than inside my head – otherwise I will end up getting distracted by it.


There can be only one

When you have a list of ideas, pick one. Commit to it for a week. Make some time for it. If you find yourself losing interest after a week, bin it – it’s going nowhere.

However, if it maintains your interest, keep at it and encourage yourself not to even consider other ideas until you’ve completed this one.


Share it

I find it super useful sharing my ideas with certain people. These people tend to either be: way cleverer than me; super energetic; or very critical. Sometimes the person is all three of those.

Sharing your project with someone is a great way to keep excited about it and build momentum – and they may even have skills or know someone who could help with it.

If you have an idea, feel free to drop me a message at stu@massive-fusion.co.uk – chances are I’ll know someone clever who can help with it.

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