Top 5 Scottish Startups to Watch in 2018

Scotland is establishing itself as a exciting and viable location for startups. Considering its size, Scotland is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe in terms of its number of universities (Fifteen in total, as well as three institutions that can award degrees).

The Scottish government is also working to make the country a viable place for new business to grow safely and quickly. We’re very excited for Scottish startups in 2018 – and more specifically what these five have in store:



Scottish Startup Administrate Logo

With clients ranging from PWC to City University London, Administrate delivers cloud-based training solutions and management.

In 2017 Administrate clinched a huge deal with Silicon Valley tech firm Cloudshare, which will undoubtedly pave the way to a hugely successful 2018.


4J Studios

4J Studios Minecraft RenderBased in East Linton and Dundee, 4J Studios is a development studio responsible for delivering one of the world’s most popular games, Minecraft, to consoles such as the PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Having just completed their new office space in Dundee (cleverly rendered using Minecraft), 4J are set to light up 2018 as one of the most exciting and fun businesses to be involved in.


Mud Urban Flowers

Mud Urban Flowers Bouquet

Started just 12 months ago, early in 2017, Mud Urban Flowers makes giving and receiving flowers easy and fun.

Mud’s wildly diverse, beautifully curated and in-season bouquets are available for a range of budgets, and change on a regular basis. The service is so popular that new delivery postcodes are constantly being added.

With a wide range of new products and services now introduced, we fully expect Mud Urban Flowers to grow fast in 2018.


Pocket Leap

Pocket Leap App

Run by mobile and app development studio, Add Jam, Pocket Leap is an innovative, smart and cost-effective way to deliver information in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Built and maintained in-house, Pocket Leap enables organisations to quickly create dynamic apps which deliver up-to-date and easily-consumable information to visitors.

Museums, event organisers, hotels and tourism organisations are just a few examples of those benefitting from Pocket Leap.



Scottish Startup Pixey Logo

Pixey helps organisations find original content via Instagram and obtains royalties for the Instagrammers who provide it.

Capitalising on a gold mine of incredible content, Pixey provides a win-win situation for Instagram users and businesses.

Having recently secured over £240k in seed funding, expect Pixey to become one of the hottest startups this year (and not just in Scotland).