In Brief – June 3rd 2019

In Brief – June 3rd 2019

1. Donald Trump visits the UK.

Regardless of what you think of the U.S. President – his controversial approach to leadership makes us question what makes a good leader? Check out the latest blog post for more on what we think makes a top modern leader. Read ‘The New Leader’.


2. Idea overload

I’ve spoken to a few people recently who have said something similar: they have lots of ideas, but struggle to see any one of them through. I suffer from this as well – so wrote a quick list of some techniques I find useful for dealing with idea overload. Read ‘What To Do With Too Many Ideas’.


3. Everybody hates meetings

I feel like a lot of my time recently has been taken up by meetings. And I know that it’s not the been the most effective use of my time. If this sounds familiar, be sure to check out this article.


4. The State of Social Intelligence 2019

The Social Intelligence Lab just published its latest industry wide study of social intelligence professionals. It contains lots of interesting info about not just that particular industry, but also on how social media and data will be used in the future. Check it out here.


5. Weeky Inspo

Finally – here’s a roundup of some of the things that’ll be inspiring me this week:

Emil Paun: UK based illustrative pushing out sick graphics.

Lucy Knott: All round exceptional photographer, particularly great food and interior shots.

The Dave Chang Show: Podcast which explores the overlap between cooking and other professions.



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